Steve Blake


Steve Blake is a dedicated and experienced entrepreneur with excellent interpersonal skills who is driven to succeed in a very competitive world. Starting with no capital of his own, Mr. Blake used his talents to build a lawn care business in south Louisiana that served as a base to launch activities in other areas – with special focus on the energy industry. In 2008 he also established SeguraLive to promote nationwide concerts, with revenue eventually building to several million dollars annually.


Mr. Blake has a natural ability to synthesize deals and transactions and has been successful in assisting various companies to increase their market penetration. He founded The Blake Corporation in 2011 with a focus on the energy services business.


    Recognizing that energy is the driver of our economies, Mr. Blake determined to utilize his skills to match opportunities with capital including:

    • Connecting sovereign wealth funds/capital to exploration opportunities and drilling services
    • Identifying suitable new build offshore drilling assets that can increase safety while performing at lower total costs

    • Assembled a team of experts to manage offshore drilling rigs

    • Developed engineering resources for rig design, fabrication and refurbishment

    Targeted Capital

    To complement his experience with operating assets, Mr. Blake has aligned with private equity/capital sources including sovereign wealth funds to align capital with assets. Targeted capital commitments range in the area of $100MM and above.

    Committed to Quality

    Mr. Blake is committed to serving his clients with a hard-working, dedicated effort to provide a win-win for all parties. His unique negotiating expertise and interpersonal skills have generated significant success in his field. All of these qualities and efforts combine to make The Blake Corporation an outstanding investment firm that stands ready to meet your specific needs for matching capital with assets.