The Blake Corporation is focused on investing in – and partnering with – businesses and individuals who are poised for significant growth and are interested in exceptional results. We have assembled a network of world-renowned investment professionals who have the proven expertise to invest wisely and create real value in industries and markets across the globe. Our firm’s capabilities in generating superior investment returns can be attributed to four basic qualities and points of emphasis.

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Our firm has established a network of trusted partners including various investment specialists and business professionals. By building long-term relationships with key partners, The Blake Corporation has gained the ability to identify and develop excellent investment opportunities worldwide.

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The Blake Corporation has access to vital resources such as sovereign wealth funds – as well as our network of partners who also serve as key resources – that are paramount to putting together successful deals.

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The ability to match financial resources with the right opportunity is one of the most important aspects of our firm. At The Blake Corporation, we know how to bring everything together to get the deal done.

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The Blake Corporation is a results-driven investment firm. That means that our top priority is to synthesize deals that result in a win-win outcome for everyone involved.

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